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Kentucky has a strict liability statute governing dog bites and attacks. When a dog or any other pet bites or attacks someone and causes mental and/or physical injury, the dog owner is liable for all damages. If you or someone you know are viciously attacked or bitten by a dog and your injuries require medical attention, you may sue the owner for damages. You need the experienced dog bite attorney at Miniard Law Office to protect your rights. We represent dog bite personal injury cases throughout Kentucky and around the country.

Kentucky Statute and Dog Bite Liability

The Kentucky dog bite statutes are very favorable to dog bite victims. Any dog that bites or attacks a person is dangerous and vicious if it attacks when it is not being teased or provoked, and bites someone who is not trespassing on the dog owner’s property. The state poses strict protections for the public when a dog is found to be vicious, requiring the dog be kept in a pen, let out only when muzzled and kept on a 4 foot leash, and only then to visit the vet. Since Kentucky is also a big farm and livestock state, it further holds dangerous dog owners liable for attacks on livestock. The law also makes it legal for anyone to kill a trespassing dog in the act of an attack.

Many victims of dog bites are children, who sustain injuries that can be quite severe and even fatal. Wounds to the head and neck are particularly common and may include hearing and visual impairment, deep scarring, and sometimes multiple operations. If a dog or other animal bites you, its owner or handler may be directly responsible for your medical costs, loss of wages, and your emotional and psychological pain and suffering. Generally the owner’s homeowner insurance policy pays for damages.

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