Wrongful Death

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In Kentucky, hundreds of vehicular, work-related, and premises accidents result in severe injury andwrongful deaths each year. Car accidents are the leading cause of loss of life in personal injury cases. Medical mistakes also contribute to a growing number of wrongful death claims. If someone else’s negligence has deprived you of the life of a loved one, you may be entitled to wrongful death compensation. You need an attorney experienced in wrongful death and personal injury law to protect you and your family through such a devastating loss. The team at Miniard Law Office has helped hundreds of victims in wrongful death, malpractice and personal injury cases receive just compensation for their loss. We serve clients throughout Kentucky and around the country.

Pursuing Damages for Wrongful Death

No amount of money will ever replace a beloved person lost in an accident. The untimely loss and immediate trauma can be physically and emotionally debilitating to the entire family. However, whenever the death of a person results from the negligence or wrongful act of another, the family of the deceased may file suit to recover damages from the person who caused it, or from any agent who is responsible. If the death is deemed to be the result of willful or gross negligence, punitive damages may also be recovered.

In wrongful death cases, when you lose a loved one, no matter what their age, you are entitled to financial compensation for the premature death and the impact of the loss of that person on your life. Court ordered compensation might include:

  • Pain and suffering, including loss of companionship and consortium
  • Physical support, including housework, and family support activities
  • Lost of present and future financial support, or inheritance from your loved one
  • Property damage/replacement of a vehicle if in a car accident
  • Expenses for your loss of income during a period of medical care of your loved one
  • Medical and funeral expenses

Miniard Law Office has always demonstrated the utmost in care for our clients victimized by wrongful death. We will handle your case with the sensitivity and compassion worthy of such a monumental and untimely loss. Our goal is to see that you and your family are fairly compensated for the loss of emotional, physical, and financial support caused by someone else’s negligence. Contact us to discuss your case. We will explain your options and offer compassionate counsel. We handle medical errors and medical accident wrongful death cases throughout Kentucky and across the nation.

You need no money to retain our services. We get paid when we win your case. Let us protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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